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From "The Blues to "Fiera"

"Tela Fiera" means "Fierce Threads". 

Being drawn to Vintage style, and elder era's, I feel that the name is a representation and extension of my passion for the vintage world. 

My love for fashion was embedded early and having a brother and sister nearly a decade older then me only broaden the spectrum. It's peculiar the way something that your passionate about, given the right opportunity, can become a line of work. 

This all came to a realization when I met my husband and ironically enough was his family's business. My husband and I eventually took over Recycled Blues or "The Blues' as the locals called it. This store was the first vintage hub in the 90's to grace the streets of Miami Beach. Held at high regards, the store dressed and styled the locals of South Beach for 20 years. Given the opportunity, I took great pride in learning everything that my mind could absorb from, in my opinion, the creators of vintage resale in Miami Beach, Florida. 

My passion for vintage burns deep and I can't seem to let go of it.

All the things I have learned and all the things that I have always loved are materialized through my vision.... TELA FIERA 




Hermosa Beach, CA

Showroom by Appointment Only

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